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‘Smart capital’ investor allots P1.5 B for 50 firms


June 9, 2022

ARQCapital Partners (ARQ) is raising P1.5 billion to fund as many as 50 high-growth medium enterprises (MEs) over the next two years.

Edmund Solilapsi, ARQ founding partner and chief executive officer, in a press conference, said the company is offering alternative financing to the traditional banks and non-bank institutions which are primarily passive capital providers and predominantly asset-backed.

“There are a few ‘smart capital’ investors in the Philippines today and this space has yet to be institutionalized,” said Solilapsi.

ARQ as a “smart capital” partner bridges the funding gap for companies seeking growth capital, matching their cash cycle with customized financing products, and provides entrepreneurs with solutions beyond finance.

These solutions include assistance in areas such as strategy and risk management, technical financial advice and access to ARQ’s network for either business relationships or further capital-raising.

As an active investor, ARQ advises on the general strategic direction of these companies and provides relevant insights gathered from its industry experience and track record.

Since ARQ’s core product is mezzanine, its capital investment does not dilute equity ownership of these companies.

ARQ offers loan instruments with mezzanine or upside components that are unique to the local market.

Its biggest partners to date include companies involved in renewable energy, quick-service restaurants, affordable housing and salary or payday loans.

Solilapsi said the SME fund has accelerated the growth of these companies that proved to be “agile, innovative and have value-adding products and services” and sustained close to 3,000 jobs.

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