Shrimp Farm

Year of First Investment:  2017

Deal Source:  Referral (client-referred)


Medium-scale shrimp producer with a semi-intensive grow-out facility that cultures and sells whiteleg shrimp
The Company and its Sponsors experienced multiple losses during its course of business when it was plagued with operating issues (diseases), but it provided the Company the foundation to rebuild and learn how to effectively manage its operations and mitigate risks through investing in technology. However, the necessary technology to manage risk required significant capital investment which the Company could no longer source internally or from traditional sources of funding.


The business needed to invest in equipment to expand its production capacity and utilize the farm’s potential. We provided the financing to purchase and install HDPE liners used in the aqua pond culture.

The business, along the expansion and addition of operational ponds, also needed additional working capital to complete an operating cycle and ARQCapital funded the necessary working capital against future sales on the harvest.