Transport Network Operator

Year of First Investment:  2015

Total Capital Deployed to date:  USD200k

Deal Source:  Proprietary


An entrepreneur operating a fleet of vehicles as a transport network vehicle operator under the Uber and Grab platforms
The entrepreneur started with a single unit that he drove himself and due to the relatively lucrative returns later explored to turn it into a business. The entrepreneur however was constrained by internal capital to expand and purchase additional vehicles for his fleet and also found it difficult to approach traditional sources of financing (i.e. banks) as they would see it as a consumer loan.
The entrepreneur approached ARQCapital for a solution to help fund his business plan.
Today, the entrepreneur has a fleet of 10 vehicles under his platform and continues to grow.


ARQCapital supported the entrepreneur by providing growth capital to purchase his fleet of vehicles.
ARQCapital analyzed the strength of cash flows from his experience and supported the growth gradually.


“Our relationship with ARQ started in 2015 when our company started our Uber and Grab operations. ARQ provided financial assistance to help us expand our fleet from 1 unit to now 10 units and growing.  ARQ was very professional when it came to consultations, financial advise, and business strategy. They always gave a win-win solution for both parties. As the demand increases for TNVS vehicles, I personally value our partnership with ARQ because without their help and guidance we would not have reached the full potential of our business.”