Duck Meat Company

Year of First Investment:  2014

Deal Source:  Proprietary


Fully-integrated duck meat production company, from breeding, growing, processing, storage, and distribution
Strong institutional demand from hotels and restaurants, with key clients composed of top hotel chains in the country
Company was affected by a natural disaster (storm) in the past which partially disabled its productions but has since recovered and has continued to grow demand and invest in capacity


ARQCapital went in to help finance both working capital and capital expenditures requirements of the business.
The business required significant financing to invest in capacity to serve growing demand from customers, and we provided financing for the construction of new buildings / grow-out houses for the company’s operations
The business also had a negative working capital position due to long-dated receivables from established B2B clients and to augment this gap ARQCapital provided bridge lines against invoices/receivables


“We have been with ARQ from our absolute worst stage to a now always improving best. They have provided us with not just financial services, but priceless third party business perspective that greatly contributed to our management decisions. They have not only understood our business, but more importantly, the direction which we want to go. Indeed from a recovering company to a now aggressively expanding one, ARQ has been and will always be the company we trust!”